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Partners  Our greatest strength is the experience to ask the right questions and continue that vital conversation throughout the entire project.  We will build upon our past relationships of mutual trust with consultants, vendors, and construction teams. 

Efficient  We pledge to develop strategies with high efficiency metrics, recycled materials, and adaptive reuses when possible. 

Native  We will take a holistic approach to your project. From plants and waterways to wildlife, we will plan a conservative and thoughtful way to enhance the natural elements.

Conservative  As good environmental stewards, we make every effort to be mindful of resources and minimalistic of our footprint.  

Neighbors  We pledge to be thoughtful planners that take into consideration regular operations, traffic flow, and how to create ‘work-around’ schedules so that the users and residents have minimal interruptions.

Philosophy  At idd architecture, sustainable design is ethical and imbedded into how we approach all projects.  Some of the tenets of our philosophy are cradle to cradle, grave avoidance, and reuse over recycling. Our sustainable design philosophy embraces the design of the built environment with the aim of improving the health, comfort, and well-being of its occupants. Our goal is to reduce the negative impacts on the environment. We see it beyond green roofs and green washing to the socio-economic impacts of our design decisions. As such we take it seriously and adopt approaches at each stage of the design process.

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