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Our Diversity

We are uniquely inspired from our cultures.  Idd architecture is a true collection of talent from all over the world.  The diversity of our backgrounds, professional experiences, and our cultures allow us to collaboratively problem-solve from many different vantage points.  

Minority Business Enterprise Certified IDD Architecture
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Certified IDD Arcitecture
Small Business Enterprise Certified IDD Architecture

Andy Igwe
Principal & CEO

Andy Igwe IDD Architecture

Andy is born and raised in Nigeria, Africa. He frequently visits Africa for work and leisure. His upbringing has taught him that optimism and perseverance can overcome any circumstance.  His childhood nurtured his creativity, and his hard work has offered him opportunities. Qualities of his upbringing emphasize respect, endurance, and cultivating strong friendships.  He is a man of integrity, commitment, and forward thinking.  Andy’s experiences have formed him into an architect who endeavors to create meaningful, purposeful, and powerful designs.  He is widely known for his jovial laughter and his positive attitude.

Living in Dallas home for over 20 years, when Andy is not working, he enjoys traveling abroad to culturally significant sites. Andy visits cities influenced by art movements, religions, politics, and cultural shifts.  He also enjoys spending time with his family and attending his sons' sports activities.  

Vijay Sarma
Director of Design & Partner

Vijay is born and raised in India.  He was raised in a large family which raised him to be thoughtful, generous, and respectful to others.  Gifted at a young age, Vijay earned accolades and awards for his ideas and scholarly achievements.  He is modest about his success because his upbringing imparted the importance of humility.  Vijay’s experiences influence his architecture toward a holistic approach and preservation elements.  He is inspired by thoughtful details, beautiful color, and peaceful spaces.

Vijay is an avid traveler. He is bravely curious, kind, and funny.  He enjoys trying new foods and makes friends wherever he goes.  

Vijay Sarma IDD Architecture
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